Welcome to Hebrew Roots Yeshiva.

Due to the Caronavirus Pandemic and our being stuck inside our homes, we decided to get everyone learning to read Hebrew! And we are offering 75% off the Silver Membership which includes the full course.

We have developed a different kind of "Learn Hebrew" course that is designed to be learned faster than any other style of instruction. You will learn at your own pace, but will find that it will become easier and easier as you progress.

Member Benefits:

    • Learn to read Hebrew faster
    • Follow along each lesson as you read the the book of Genesis.
    • Become familiar with Hebrew words
    • Increase your ability to study the scriptures and utilize study tools
    • Be called upon to read "the Hebrew" in congregations
    • Learn to chant all the blessings in Hebrew
    • Learn all the daily prayers prayed around the world
    • Be able to read your bat or bar Mitzvah portions in Hebrew beautifully
    • Be in one accord with all Israel in prayers and liturgy around the world
    • Walk into any Synagogue or fellowship in the World and comfortably follow along in the service
    • Add Hebrew liturgy to your local Sabbath meetings
    • Understand New Testament (Brit Chadashah) context through knowing Hebrew more intimately
    • Be able to communicate much easier while in the land of Israel
    • etc.etc.

Ready to get started?

Click Here to become a member and we will see you on the inside.

Baruck Hashem Blessed Be The Name

Baruch Hashem
Blessed Be The Name